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Fitness: how to ease into running as a beginner

A couple of weeks have passed, and I wanted to give you a quick update regarding my health & fitness goals! Initially, I decided to aim for a 5k run with the real purpose to gain back confidence in myself after an injury and for all and foremost be able to work out again and have fun while doing so. Running already taught me a lot in my life and this time wasn’t different. For me it’s just the perfect activity, especially in spring and when the British summer is approaching (and it’s not too hot). Speaking of the rare British summer: we had a little glimpse of that, and I celebrated with a few pieces of new gear, perfect for sunny days.

In this post, I will also share eight tips with you that should ease you into running as a beginner, and I will talk you through my journey of the past few weeks. To top that off, I have a sporty and summery outfit for you guys featuring the brand new Nike Epic React Flyknit in Pink Matcha. Let’s do this!

How I’ve been – my journey to 5k

Running is a very natural activity for me and my body. When I start, it’s quite easy to keep going. So spoiler alert: I was more or less comfortable to tick off my 5k goal. What I realised while doing so was, that running was indeed a missing puzzle piece in my workout routine. I can motivate myself quickly to do it, and it’s an excellent sport for travelling as well. My only struggle was starting again, for the first few times – after that, everything comes naturally. So my next goal should be to keep it up and go regular on runs. If you ever experienced runners high, you know what’s needed. A little boost of adrenaline and pure fun to motivate yourself for the next outing even before you take your running shoes off. This way I learned it’s not necessarily about the numbers, it’s about the routine and what you do almost every day – and not once or once a week.

My running look for spring in the UK

The wheater in the UK was crazy the last couple of weeks; I remember when I started testing out these shoes it was still snowing! April blessed us with a heatwave and right now we are somewhere in between. I hate getting too cold or too warm on runs, so I always choose the pieces I wear wisely (I always layer up in Winter). Bare legs are, and a more covered torso is my go-to when I run in the evenings, this way I can enjoy the cold breeze when my blood is flowing but don’t cool down too much when I do my stretching.

running top | running shortsNike Epic React Flyknit in Pink Matcha

The Nike Epic React Flyknit in Pink Matcha is so unique and fun, an instant boost of motivation. Cute workout gear does the trick, guys! I couldn’t wait to wear them for my first run, and I got asked by two other girls where I got them from and which exact model those are – #showstopper. Besides being very pretty, these shoes are also a packed to the brim with technology.  The foam cushioning of this running shoe is responsive yet very lightweight and soft. This attraction of opposites creates a sensation that not only enhances the feeling of moving forwards but makes running feel fun and easy, too. More than 400 (!) recipes with different ingredients and compounds have been tested to get the perfect mix for this shoe – imagine the hard work and science you put on your feet every day without even noticing.

8 tips for beginners – how to ease yourself into running regularly

  1. But first … walk! It’s about easing yourself into it, remember? Going on brisk walks counts as a workout and is suitable for your endurance. You can also check out the area and route for your runs this way and measure how long the distance is etc.
  2. If you buy one piece of kit: invest in running shoes first! It doesn’t matter that much which tights or which top you wear, but your shoes are super essential for your health. They should support your body and fit your feet perfectly so if you only want to invest in one piece of gear – please make it your shoes!
  3. Buddy up! Motivation comes easier if you have someone to share it with – team up with a running buddy. This way it’s not so easy to bail and forget about that running goal you set yourself …
  4. Speaking of goals – set yourself a realistic one! A goal should keep you somewhat accountable, and it doesn’t have to be a marathon. It can be something different for everyone – 5k, 5 minutes without stopping, a specific route or running twice a week. It’s up to you! To keep it light and fun, I can’t stress enough how important it is to pick a realistic goal as a starting point.
  5. Look up a proper stretching routine. No run without stretching, ok? Before you go on your first run, try to assemble a quick full body stretching routine that you can do right after each run. Especially if you are still outside – find a beautiful spot and enjoy nature while taking care of your body.
  6. Strengthen your core (& back)! Running is an excellent full body workout, but for a good posture (not only while running) a stable core is vital, even if you don’t like going to the gym, try to add a couple of additional exercises to fire up your core and strengthen your back into your weekly routine.
  7. Hydrate! Working out while being dehydrated can have longterm severe side effects, and your muscles need hydration to work smoothly and repair themselves after a long run. It’s amazing what our bodies can do, but you have to take care of the basics – to drink up.
  8. Last but not least: track your progress and keep going! It’s so motivating to see how far you’ve come and I love to log my activities in my bullet journal. You could also use an app or a simple notepad to do so. Write done the dates, distances and pace and make sure to drop some notes regarding your high’s and lows.

I hope this inspired you to get out on the streets and try running yourself! If you need more motivation feel free to check out my last post and my running playlist on Spotify.

In paid cooperation with NIKE.

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  • Reply L♥ebe was ist 5. Juni 2018 at 21:16

    ein super schöner und hilfreicher Beitrag! ich bin zwar nach 7 Jahren Lauferfahrung kein Anfänger mehr, aber man lernt ja nie aus – und wie oft muss man selber mal eine (Zwangs-) Pause einlegen und fängt danach gefühlt wieder fast von vorne an 😉

    liebste Grüße auch,
    ❤ Tina von liebewasist.com
    Liebe was ist auf Instagram

  • Reply MY Travel BF 2. September 2018 at 07:13

    Couldn’t agree more with all your running tips for beginners. I remember walking a block and then running a block at first. The following day, I would try to just push myself a little bit further and do a bit more. I still remember breaking the 10 minute mile. I just wanted to push myself a little further everyday, and now, years later, I’ve done a couple marathons and love running.

    A good pair of running shoes are an excellent investment too! They can really make the difference. Good tip!

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