Bullet Journal Update & Setup July 2020

Yep, guys – It’s me again. I am back with my July Bullet Journal setup and a super cute boho-camping-theme. You can also find a one-hour real-time plan with me on my English YouTube channel (and a super chill playlist to doodle along in your bullet journal at home). The overall setup is pretty much like the ones I did the last couple of months, but after pausing for a bit during the lockdown, it feels fresh and exciting again.

Ich bin zurück mit einem neuen Bullet Journal Setup für den Monat Juli und ich muss zuegeben, es fühlt sich ein bisschen ungewohnt an nach all der Zeit. Ich habe mich für ein süßes Boho-Camping-Thema entschieden und dazu mit Wasserfarben experimentiert. Dazu gibt es sogar gleich zwei Videos: Ein einstündiges Plan with me in Realtime und mit toller Musik (auf meinem Englischen Kanal) und ein knapperes Video von ca. 9 Minuten auf meinem Deutschen Kanal. Jetzt wünsche ich euch aber erst einmal viel Spaß beim Lesen und Inspirieren lassen.

Cover page & dutch door spread

I love this cover page so much! You don’t have to use watercolours for this, somebody recreated it already with some Tombow markers, and it looks just as good.

For the rest of this particular setup, I used my trusty dutch door setup and included the following:

  •  events/monthly calendar
  • goals
  • tasks
  • a word (a day) – can serve as a gratitude log or diary
  • notes (tucked away under the dutch door flap)

So, are those colours ghosting? Well – Yes, I am glad you asked! I will share a little hack about that later.

Braindump und mood tracker

Lockdown-times are weird, and I use my journal differently. I make a lot of random notes and don’t need a weekly spread (yet) – so I created this little braindump page on the left. Maybe for video ideas, who knows?

Next up is my mood tracker, and to be honest, I just wanted to have fun with it. The way it’s designed is not the best; I just wanted to doodle effortless shapes and camping-related items (hence the fire). I can later fill these out with one of the three colours that are markers for different moods. Easy as that!

Little lifehack to conceal ghosting: just do the same illustration on the back of the page as well. Perfekt for black, thick markers that shine through or other bold colours.

Habit tracker

Staying at home is a tricky thing. We are all trying to build healthy, new routines and new habits are a part of that, too. A habit tracker is a must and by far my favourite thing to set up.


Bullet Journal by Leuchtturm in „Muted green“, similar here, Denim & Powder

Tombow Mono Drawing Pen

Tombow dualbrush pen in N95 (grey)

Tombow dualbrush pen in N52 (blue)

Headlines (Tombow Fudenosuke)

Watercolours – Kuretake

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