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Hack your winter workout routine

I love running in winter. I live for the fall and winter months, generally speaking, the colder half of the year. My body is not really made for the heat and sweaty summer months and it’s almost a relief when the temperature drops. Between September and April, everything makes me more happy and more content: the fashion, the good food and my workout routine. The London weather seems gloomy and uninviting? Not to me, I actually enjoy being active outside while it rains (weird, right?) and it gets dark super early. True to the old motto (is that a German saying? Let me know in the comments): „There is no bad weather, there are only wrong clothes“. Like most of you, I can rarely squeeze in my workouts in the middle of the day, so my sessions tend to fall in the early evenings. It is getting dark around 4 pm in the UK these days and you have to pay attention not only to the temperature but also to the general visibility while dressing for your activities. I’ll show you today what really motivates me in my winter sports routine and how I dress for the occasion. I also included my favourite motivational playlist for a short run. Enjoy!

Ich bin ein Winterläufer. Generell lebe ich für den Herbst und für die kältere Hälfte des Jahres, warum weiß ich gar nicht so genau. Zwischen September und April macht mir alles ein kleines bisschen mehr Freude: die Mode, das gute Essen und tatsächlich auch der Sport. Allzu gerne trotze ich dem Londoner Wetter und es zieht mich regelmäßig nach draußen. Ganz getreu dem alten Motto: „Es gibt kein schlechtes Wetter, es gibt nur falsche Kleidung“ und das habe ich auch zu meinem Credo beim Sport gemacht. Wie die meisten von euch kann auch ich selten mitten am Tag zum Sport gehen und so fallen meine Einheiten meistens auf den frühen Abend. Dunkel wird es hier momentan bereits gegen 16 Uhr und so muss man bei der Kleiderwahl nicht nur die Temperatur, sondern auch die allgemeine Sichtbarkeit beachten – vorausgesetzt ihr wollt, so wie ich, nicht nur aufs Laufband, sondern auch auf die Straße!

Ich zeige euch heute, was mich bei meiner winterlichen Sportroutine besonders motiviert und wie ich mich Wetter gerecht kleide. Und ohne nicht allzu viel vorwegzunehmen: diese beiden Faktoren bedingen sich ungemein. Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

Hack your habits – Step 1: Motivation

While implementing new habits (or sticking with old ones) there are many techniques to follow – but first and foremost you have to find something that works for you. I like to help myself with the following tricks while implementing my winter runs in my fitness routine:

  • Pairing! Have you a new favourite podcast (or the new Taylor Swift album – like me)? Only allow yourself to listen to it while you are on your daily/bi-weekly/weekly (whenever the podcast comes out) run. Let me tell you: You will never lace up those running shoes that fast …
  • Rewards =/= Treats. Don’t reward yourself with sweets / Netflix etc. for your new habit. That kinda ruins your motivation. Try to implement the habit itself as a „treat“ (very different to a reward, because it actually makes you feel good). I always go for my run after work, which is the perfect treat after a stressful day. It kicks off my free time and I actually crave it when I don’t go.
  • Habit tracker! Schedule your runs in your bullet journal. I put mine into my monthly habit tracker and my weekly goal section. It’s so motivational and it actually reminds me every day to get my gear out and go.

Dress up! – Step 2: Stay warm & visible on the streets

Rain, wind, cold & darkness: Sounds like London during winter, doesn’t it? No excuses! You need something to shield you from the elements, to keep you warm and protected. The Shield Pack by NIKE does all of the above and my outfit is also a perfect addition to my workout wardrobe (mostly dark coloured pieces) because I need to stand out on the streets and be visible for my own safety.

What you should look for while dressing for winter runs outside:

  • Water repellent materials
  • Materials that provide/keep your warm
  • Breathability (helps avoid overheating)
  • Reflective elements to help you stand out


The NIKE Shield Pack gear unites all of the above and looks fantastic at the same time. I love this look so much and even sport it in my gym sometimes (they really love their AC, so I get cold there and swear by these leggings and the comfy long sleeve).

Get the look:

Just do it agaign and again and … Step 3: Always keep going!

While feeling good, looking great in your workout gear & having fun it’s so much easier to stay on track. I really tried sticking to my fitness routine in 2017 and changed it up during the different seasons to keep myself motivated and inspired to jumo into my workout gear after a stressful day. Remember this picture of me in January (sporting another head to toe NIKE look) doing Yoga in bedroom? I still enjoy Yoga a lot but got back into running and strength training after a couple of months and kept going until this day. For me it’s all about the mix! But foremost and for all I really learned that I love to do sports outdoors – regardless of the weather. Running is also the perfect sport for people that travel a lot of work, just like me. My outfit doubles as the perfect plane outfit (breathable, warm & cozy) and the running shoes are stylish enough for everyday looks. This way there are no excuses and always enough room in your suitcase.

What else motivates me to keep going?

  • Team up with a pal! I love to run and train with my boyfriend because he is the best running companion and we can almost treat it like a little date. If you set up a date with someone else for a run, it’s also much harder to cancel last minute.
  • Music! As I mentioned before I love to listen to a powerful & energetic playlist while running. It keeps me motivated and I really look forward to every song on my list. This way it’s not that hard to keep going. 

My perfect playlist is always around 40 minutes long and reigned by epic, strong sounds and a weird mix of Taylor Swift, Kayne West and Banks tunes. I also set the mood for my run by pickung the right genre and integrate the cool down with a slower song at the end. Listen to it here:



In paid cooperation with NIKE.







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  • Reply L❤ebe was ist 24. November 2017 at 16:27

    ich mag es eigentlich zu jeder Jahreszeit laufen zu gehen, aber der Winter ist mir auch die liebste Jahreszeit! wenn die kalte Luft einen so richtig erfrischt und vl sogar der Schnee unter den laufschuhen knirscht 🙂

    eine super schöner beitrag dazu und deine Laufkleidung schaut echt toll aus!
    <3 Tina von http://www.liebewasist.com

    • Reply Jasmin 27. November 2017 at 00:28

      Danke sehr 🙂 Ich mache komischerweise im Herbst und Winter lieber Sport draußen – im Sommer ist mir alles zu warm!

  • Reply Verena 25. November 2017 at 14:25

    Kann man deinen Blogpost auch noch auf Deutsch lesen?
    Irgendwie finde ich nur die englische Version.
    P.S. Toll siehst du auf jeden Fall aus, ich wünschte meiner Wintermotivation wäre auch ein wenig größer. 🙂

    • Reply Jasmin 27. November 2017 at 00:27

      Den gibt es leider nur auf Englisch 🙂

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