Moving into a new BULLET JOURNAL | October Setup 2019

Todays post is a highly requested one: how to move into a new bullet journal during the year. Most of the time I need 1-2 journals (by Leuchtturm) per year and I really like the opportunity to have a little reset once a year. You can try something new, tweak a couple of things & also try a different style.

First thing I do is flip through my old journal and make notes. Which spreads work? Which ones do I use frequently? Are there any that I don’t really use, but should? What can I do, to make them „better“?

I designed & filled out all the spreads that I am keeping for the rest of the year – you can find many details right after the jump

Products I used

My book „Gestalte dein Journal mit der Bullet-Methode (German)
Watercolours, similar here
Fineliner Mono drawing pen
Buntstifte (neon pink)
TomBow N95
Bullet Journal by Leuchtturm
Micron Fineliner
Tombow Fudenosuke

New Bullet Journal key & future log (with a triple dutch door)

The most important thing about a new bullet journal is the future log – it’s the core of every planner and should have enough room for all your important dates & events. A good yearly overview is needed to make your journal as good as a pre-printed planner.

Because I only needed space for three months in this case, I had a lot of creative freedom regarding the layout of this gem. I opted for a triple dutch door spread and each spread holds my monthly overview for October, November and December.

You can utilise this idea for your 2020 setup and do two double spreads with 1 x 6 months and 1 x 6 months on the back.

I also included my key here and jazzed everything up with a cute illustration in my accent colours.

To consider for your key:

  • Task
  • Events
  • Done
  • Note
  • Pushed
  • Important

Important: Do you want to include a colour coding guide? The key is the right space for that!

Level 10 Life & Routines

Level 10 Life is a technique to a) rank your current status and goals and b) improve them over a longer period of time. You just choose 8-10 more overall-ish topics of your life (such as health, finances & relationships) and break them down into smaller actions (health: cut out dairy, go to a spinning class every Friday etc.). Next step: Rate your current health status and journey – in my case, I rated my fitness level with a really modest one. You can draw a square – like me – or a circle and colour in your rates afterwards. The overall idea is, to come back after 1 or 3 months and colour in any improvements and see how you evolve and reach (hopefully) level 10 in all areas of life. Let’s do this!

I already immigrated check up dates for my Level 10 Life spread in my Future Log and also came up with a scoring system (just add up all scores and put them somewhere – so it’s easy to see if you improved overall or not!).

Private Policy & Book Tracker

A personal policy is a bundle of guidelines or rules I use as „non-negotiables“ for the new year. They are so much easier to follow (than e.g. habits). Try it!

My book tracker is a spread to track all the books I have read & rate them. It’s always great to keep track & have a list for recommendations & such.

October Setup 2019


I wanted to do something unusual, modern & a little bit abstract – just not the typical orange, pumpkin-/halloween layout. How do you like this idea?


I created a little dashboard for the month concealing some ghosting of the black brush pen. I included a post-it for goals and one for tasks and also some decorative washi tape.

Expense Tracker & Income Tracker

You can really track anything you want! I wanted to mix it up this month and focus on my finances – so I set up an expense tracker for private shopping and an income tracker for business earnings. I especially love to colour code here, which helps to visualise different streams of income.

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